The Benefits of easi-joist®

Open web design
This allows for easier, more practical, installation of services including waste water pipes, electrical cabling, heating pipes and other services. Also, no hole locating or drilling limits any possibility of incorrect workmanship and reduced labour costs.

Light Weight
The combination of smaller timber sections with the
lightweight metal web means that the finished product is lighter than timber and much lighter than
timber equivalents.

Handling and Installation
Large bearing surface allows a speedy set out of joists, improves joist stability when laying out joists
and enables easier fixing of decking materials.

Reduced site wastage
The precision-manufactured easi-joist virtually eliminates all site alterations, and standard
timber sizes ensure materials are readily available.

Long-term stability
The reduced sections used in the manufacture of the easi-joist®, combined with the metal web mean that there is less loss of moisture and shrinkage, thus providing a quieter and longer
lasting floor system.

Improved sound performance and reduced vibration
The metal web floor system allows for the installation of a rigid Strongback that reduces
vibration and improves the overall acoustic performance of the floor.
easi-joist flooring joists