Easi-joist® is a system of parallel stress graded timber chords, plated together using a precision engineered metal web combined to form the Easi-joist.

Easi-joist is a versatile product offering the lightness of timber with the structural benefits of metal. Combined, these materials offer a joist with spans exceeding traditional timber joists with better damping and stiffness than other timber alternatives, ideal for domestic, industrial and commercial floor applications.

Easi-joist floor system is precision designed to make floor joist manufacture faster, easier to instal and cost effective.

Easi-joist timber is kiln dried, stress graded, and complies with current European and British Standards.

Joist timbers can be treated with waterborne solutions, or with noncorrosive
organic spirit-based solvents.

Stevenson & Kelly - Easi Joist
Easi-joist allows the routing of services and ducting through the open space constuction. This is often impossible to achive using traditional timber joists without compromising the structural integrity of the joist.

The curved edge construction of the web plate ensures no damage to pipes and cables when routing through joists.
Factory manufactured, made to measure.
Long continuous spans, reducing or eliminating the need for intermediate support walls.

Light and easy to handle.
Increased spacing centres.
Dimensional stability.
Design accuracy through specialist software.
Trimmable ends to facilitate installation where bearing support is inconsistent.
Wide nailing surface making the nailing and gluing of decking quicker and more accurate.
Improved floor performance.
Stiffness and strength built into the
floors improving floor rigidity.