Roof Trusses have proved to be an efficient, safe and economical method for supporting roofs since their introduction into the UK in 1964.They are manufactured using the latest timber engineering equipment available to allow us to supply to all sections of the construction industry.

Developments have been extensive and today’s complex roofscapes are easily formed with computer designed truss rafters.

Bespoke Design
With the continuing trend towards individualism in domestic house styling the facility to introduce variations to the standard design is vital. The provision of many character differences by design and then constructing L returns, doglegs, attics and hips for example, satisfies the inherent need for individuality at affordable prices. Economical roofing solutions for many commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, hospitals, supermarket complex are achieved by the expeditious installation of roof trusses.

Stevenson and Kelly are in the ideal position to assist the architect or designer in achieving affordable solutions throughout the building industry. Simply provide a drawing or description of your requirements and we will do the rest.

The whole roof is designed by our experienced designers office  using the state-of-the-art computer aided technology supplied by
Wolf Systems.

RoofTruss Designs