VERSA-LAM® products are excellent
as structural beams, floor and roof
framing supports or as door lintels, window lintels and garage door lintels and columns.
Manufactured with no camber, VERSA-LAM products provide flatter, quieter floors, and consequently, the builder can expect happier customers.

Common Beam Sizes

is one of the strongest and stiffest engineered wood products
approved in the UK.

VERSA-LAM Specification


Whilst VERSA-LAM can be manufactured and supplied in billets up to 1.2m x 1.2m x 20m long, it is typically available in thicknesses of 38mm, 45mm, 89mm, 133mm and 178mm, and in depths from 9mm to 508mm.

Tolerances in finished dimensions are:
Thickness ± 1.6mm
Width ± 3.2mm
Length ± 3.2mm

Moisture Content:
VERSA-LAM arrives on-site with a moisture content of 8% to 10%. In a Service Class 1 environment, it will attain an equilibrium moisture content of 10%, whilst in a Service Class 2 environment, it will reach a final equilibrium moisture content of 12% to 14%. In similar environments, solid timber will reach an equilibrium moisture content of 12% and 18%, respectively, having typically been delivered to site at approx 18% to 24% moisture content.

VERSA-LAM is an untreated product with a natural durability sufficient to ensure a minimum design life of 60 years when installed in a Service Class 1 or 2 environment and not subject to mechanical damage or insect attack. Preservative treatment should not be undertaken without consulting supplier as this may affect the structural integrity of the product.
VersaLam Beams
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